WhatsApp is a free to download messaging application for android and iOS devices with additional audio and video calling features. It is available in more than 180 countries with over 2 billion users.

Upcoming new feature

This Facebook-owned company keeps on upgrading over time with new and more improved features. And according to WABetaInfo , WhatsApp is working on 5 to 7 amazing new features and are reportedly planning to release in near future, some are discussed below.

  • Group designing feature

Well, that’s a very nice feature coming along, by which we will be able to design a group icon. This upcoming feature will let the user to add an emoji or a sticker to it. When the feature will be out for use, the user will have to click on the group info section and tap on the camera icon, after that click on emoji or sticker to create a group icon.

  • Last seen privacy settings

There is an interesting update, reporting in “last seen” privacy option. Several times we have to disabled settings for some reason. With this upcoming update, we will be able to select specific contact, with home we want to share or hide our last seen details. This feature will be available in privacy settings of the app for both iOS and android devices.

  • Cashback on WhatsApp Payments

 According to new reports, company is ought to encourage users to go for WhatsApp payments by introducing cashback feature. We cant guess right now that who will be able to avail these cashback offers-will it be just for those who haven’t availed the service yet, or to all users.

  • Instagram reels integration

Its been reported that now Facebook is planning to integrate Instagram reels into WhatsApp. Its early to sat that weather these reels take the place of WhatsApp status, or will it be linked to Instagram’s profile of the user. Complete information can bee gained after the feature is out for use.

  • Multi Device Support

Another very convenient update, for which we all have been anticipating for so long is also planning to be release by the company in near future is multi device login. By this feature we can login same WhatsApp account on more than one device simultaneously.  Right now, WhatsApp can only be use in two devices at the same time, phone and a desktop. The new multi device feature will allow users to add up to four devices for same account.

  • Background voice note

One of the problem we are facing right now is that we have to stay on the chat to hear the voice note, but now WhatsApp is reporting a new feature in which users can easily switch the screen while hearing the voice note.

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